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When I design posters, I like to interact with the audience so I try to be creative and design interactive advertisements. Although, I like for them to be fun, cool, and summon my inner artistic skills to present them to the world. 

Arizona Renaissance Festival Posters

For the poster advertisement I wanted the interaction of the audience. This design is mainly for children that can cut the face section to make it into face in the hold boards. Their is also another option of taking the QR code that will lead you to the site to take a picture and share through the media. This is just an interactive design idea. 

Navajo Code Talkers

This is a design for Design class, the assignment was to choose a holiday or eventful day and create a poster. I decided to do the Navajo Code Talkers day because many people don't know about them and what they did to help win world war 2. 

54th Chicago film festival poster

I designed this poster for the 54th Chicago Film Festival Poster. The concept was everybody loves movies and I tried to input elements that connects to the audience of what the event is about. I like to use force connection and let the design speak for itself. Also to keep the colors balanced that makes the eye travel back and forth. 

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