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Creating logos is my strongest suite, I like to make force connection of elements as you will see in my portfolio below. 

Arizona Renaissance Festival

This was a class project of creating a logo for a festival. I choose to do the Arizona Renaissance Festival. 

Top logo- Is the force connection of a knights helmet and the paintbrush as the feather. The colors I choose to go bold. 

Middle logo- Is the force connection of the guild of the painting palette and the traditional swords and lancer. The colors were warm, fun, and related to the renaissance.

Bottom logo- Is the side knight helmet of force connection with the painting palette as the mask. And the top feather is the brush stroke. The colors are the Arizona mesa clay colors.

Squaw Valley Olympic

This was a class project of creating a logo for a made-up Olympic event. I choose a winter event and the location was Squaw Valley in California of USA. 

Top logo- For design is to be abstract of Squaw Valley, The abstraction of the mountian and the reflection of repetitive lines of water or shadow. The colors of blue and grey tone to associate with the winter feel. 

Middle logo- Is the shape of a snowflake but the repetitive motion of torches (olympic symbol) and the ring in the center is the abstract of the world. The colors are the traditional red, white, and blue of the Untied States. 

Bottom logo- The top triangle of the logo is the mountain and the river flowing down with the initial S of Squaw. Along with the bottom you can see an initial V for Valley, and the lines are the representation of water again. The colors were selected due to the winter feel. 

Steaming Bean Coffee

A class assignment to rebrand a local restaurant in Durango. Students were given random clients and the idea was to learn force connection and keeping it simple. The Steaming Bean Coffee is a local cafe that incorporates music, events, coffee, and bake goods that are all organic. 

Top logo- Is the fore connection of a coffee cup/mug with the bread one top and the steam is the wheat. The handle is the microphone and the wire takes shape of a plate. 

Middle logo- Is the force connection of a mug and a spoon of a music note and the colors are from the Colorado flag. This was the design of keeping it simple and clean. 

Bottom logo- For this design was the spoon taking the shape of a mug. This was to keep the design simple and the color is the traditional spoon. 

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