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I like to keep the advertisement clean, simple, and having the connection with the selected audience. My goal is to use different textures, motion, elements, mediums to achieve the connection. 

Squaw Valley Olympics

Squaw Valley Olympic advertisment series is a classroom project of creating a three consistent design of different elements. My concept was to highlight the main events or moment in the Olympics of being an athlete, follow by the headline,"Years Of Preparation For Seconds Of Glory". Relating to olympians that practiced for years for that one moment or seconds of their highlighted glory. 


8Bitdo. is part of a classroom project that was assign to students randomly. The assignment was to create a three series page ads and two double spreads to connect with the targeted audiance and promote the product. I was to promote the Retro style wireless joystick controller produced by 8Bitdo. My targeted audience are gamers that want to experience retro gaming and easy for older generation to bond with their kids than modern gaming. 

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