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About Me!


designer, Artist, & illustrator.

"Design is the art form that connects to selected audience or viewers. The connection of emotion, personal experience and influence that expressed or displayed by the viewers. Displaying a clear message through graphic design, pictures, colors and texture for better understanding. In order to achieve the perfect vision is through research, teamwork and growing your artistic skills. Being able to build an innovation is through motivation to create great art or design. Mistakes will be made but take the opportunity to learn and grow from it." -Lyshawna Benally's Design Philosophy

I graduated from Fort Lewis College with a Bachelor's degree in Communication Design, with high hopes of furthering my creativity, experience, and explore different medias. I always had a passion in art and would critique other artists' work, it was interesting to see what the artist is thinking or their influence behind the piece. My passion also influence me to try new things and think outside the box and present something new.
During my Junior year in Chinle High School, I placed third out of 200 schools for a website design in the FBLA (Future Business Leader of America) State Competition. This was my first time designing and sparked my passion to pursue a career in graphic design. 

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